Name: Wolfgar Ragnarson
Race: Einher
Title: Eldest of the Thirteen, Born of Two Clans, Slayer of the Child Eater
Residence: Fenheim, Jericho

Brother of Verdandi, Hafskarr, Olaff, Agni
Once betrothed to Malnen.
Currently Involved with Sar'ai

Wolfgar is the son Of Ragnar Wrothgarson of Clan Wolfsgar. He is the Eldest of Ragnars children born to three different women from Clan Fenrick, all sisters. Ragnar traveled every year to go trade and raid, on his way home he passed a Fenrick village, where he would stop for a day or two to rest. The first year he met the Oldest of three sisters, Karena, they spent a few drunken passion filled nights together and then Ragnar was on his way. Nine months or so later Karena had a baby boy, she knew his father had been the man from clan Wolfsgar so she named him Wolfgar after his fathers clan. The following year he returned and Karena was too busy with her infant son to "entertain" Ragnar as she had the year before, so he set his sights on her younger sister Ursula. They spent a few nights in eachothers company and then again he ventured home. Around nine months later Ursula gave birth to her first baby, a boy again, named Agni. The next year once again Ragnar returned as this was fast becoming his favorite stop on his trip, only this time he had a "gift" with him. It was a baby girl, he said it was his from a woman he had met the year before a week or to before he visited the sisters. The mother kept it long enough for him to return, but did not want the baby, she forced Ragnar to take it with him. He decided as he already had one son with Karena who was loved and cared for perhaps she would take his new daughter aswell. Upon return to see the sisters he found out that he had a second son and Ursula said she would be happy to take the girl as well. She said it would be nice to have a daughter and that she should be with her brother. She named the little girl after one of the three fates, Verdandi. Also durring that visit in a drunken night of passion, Ragnar ended up with the youngest of the three sisters Sigrid. Low and behold nine months later around Wolfgar's second birthday Sigrid gave birth to the forth child and third brother Hafskarr. Ragnars yearly visits became longer as he would stay for a week or two to spend time with his every growing brood of children, and sure enough each year he would end up in one of the sisters beds. Untill finally there were thirteen children in all, including Wolfgar's two full brothers Bjorn and Olaff along with several other half brothers half cousins from his aunts Urula and Sigrid.

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