Wild Elves Bring News From Tse Maigrindof

Wild Elven Night Runners have spread the following information:

It is said that Suvant (with the support of the heroes of Jericho) destroyed the cursed fabled city of Tse Maigrindof. In an effort to free the dragon Suulazultsur and finally put the damned spirits of the fallen Grey Elves to rest, the forces of the Sindian forest pushed hard into the crashed city. Our heroes from both Jericho and Suvant instigated a multi-pronged attack on the roots of the great tree that was the heart of Tse Maigrindof. The roots, once destroyed, would weaken the protective barrier around the Great Tree just enough so a final assault could be initiated. The coalition force was successful in their assault. When the heart was destroyed, a great fireball could be seen rising up into the sky. The Dragon, now freed from the corrupted roots of the undead city, rose up into the air. But all was not well, for a shadow figure enveloped in a shimmering purple sphere, sat waiting, floating high above the city. At his feet, kneeling, was none other then Ishmael himself. When the weakened dragon took flight the dark figure attacked.

In the skies that night, an epic battle took place. The Dragon breathed stream after stream of green fire upon Ishmael's dark master. In return, the dark figure loosed bolts of dark magic into the dragons flesh. The dragon responded by swiping with its powerful claws and sending the floating sphere and it's occupants flying backwards, tumbling and turning. A great cheer could be heard from the floating city of Suvant, but it was short lived. The shadowy figure quickly regained control. With an outstretched hand, it summoned chains and bonds around the dragon's heavily damaged body. With great strength the dragon flexed and the bonds shattered. Again the figure summoned chains, and again the dragon broke free. Finally, the dark figure raised his hands from the ground into the air. Purple energy crackled around his body. Speaking unholy words, the dark figure drew upon the dark magic of the cursed forest. Purple-black mist rose up from the forest. The undead, still moving, crumpled to dust as their unlives were drawn by force into this horrible creature's channeling hands. With one final cry, he thrust his hands at the green, releasing all the siphoned black energy of the cursed woods. Massive ropes of dark chain wrapped tightly around the dragons frame. It screamed out in pain, its cries shaking the forest. Without hesitation, the dark figure cast the dragon down onto the forest floor. The ground shook violently as acres of trees were obliterated out of existence under the dragon's massive frame. But the evil in that sphere was not finished. Using the magic of the chains, he lifted the dragon into the air and cast him down again. Then a third time and a forth. When he had finally finished, the chains dissipated and the dragon lay dead and unmoving. It is said a single tear fell from the dragon's eyes before they closed forever.

The dark figure floated his protective sphere to the ground. Ishmael rose from his master's feet and stared up at Suvant with malice in his eyes. The dark figure walked to the massive dragon's head and placed his hands on the dragon's corpse. Purple energy began to channel from his hands. A few moments later the channeling stopped and the dark creature stepped back. It was as if the entire world held its breath. Not a sound could be heard from the forest and the silence seemed to last an eternity. Then, without warning, the dragon's eyes flared purple. Its skin began to slough and fall off in chunks. Within moments, the once beautiful body of the massive green dragon was reduced to a skeletal form. Its broken limbs and wings snapped back into shape. The skeletal dragon rose up on its hind legs and released cry that will haunt those that heard it…forever. Dropping to all fours, the dragon outstretched it's bone claw toward the dark figure. Laughing evilly, the dark figure stepped up on to the waiting claw and took his place upon the dragon's back.

The dragon rose up then, high into the air and turned towards the floating city of Suvant. A cry of warning could be heard from the fabled city and the magics that filled that floating city were activated. Seconds before the dragon struck, the city retreated away, fading into nothingness. The dragon and it's new master flew south.

(The Wild Elves will be in town for the next few days to answer any question and rest from their long journey)

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