War Of Perfume Garden

Strong it is and hard, with head rounded off. It always ready for action and not dip down. Energy like drawn crossbow, timing like release of trigger. Energy of skillful warrior devastating. Timing taut. It never sleep, owing to violence of its love.

He shake and trill and say, “Receive my seed!” He lure enemy into coming.

Master Wang say single cat guard hole.

When enemy close at hand, put tool in hand to make knock at door.

When enemy close at hand and make no move, between arms be corpse without life.

If him at distance and provoke battle, him want opponent for advance.

Him not need ally, and stand alone greatest fatigue.

If him on easy ground, him try lure. Soon him in cave and me feel pleasure approach.

If tree move, him coming.

Rouse him. Discover spring of him action by it movement in and out between thigh.

Without use local guide, not exploit lay of land. If need for explore her, lift up by buttock. In order to work like rope throw to drown man who drown. Then you between thigh like rower at end of boat.

(by Shaman Marrow)

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