Ulya Sumendar

Ulya Sumendar is the head of House Sumendar in Suvant and considered a living hero. One of only two Bladesingers to sit on the Council of Suvant, it is often said she is the opposite side of the coin to her counterpart, Jjik'da Shalonost. Ulya represents all that elvish parents strive to teach their children to become - she is wise, noble, honourable and fearless in battle. Whether on the front lines covered in the blood and gore of battle, or reciting poetry in the University of of Suvant, she inspires awe. Dolls made in Ulya's likeness are given to both young girls and boys as gifts. Perhaps her one weakness is that she shows no interest in finding a suitor, although it is hard to imagine a partner who could match her reputation, but she is still young by elvish standards and has many centuries life to find a life-mate.

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