The Purple Clan

Primary location: Wandering, migratory clan.
Purpose: Large roving band of Dark Ajaunti.
Structure: Unknown, but loosely based on various coloured "tents", all serving the "Mother".

The Purple Clan is thought to be the biggest and most powerful Ajaunti clan in the world. They travel across the continent on a circular route, in decade long cycles. The clan is rumoured to have dark secrets, shady morals, and all serve the clan’s “Mother”. She is revered by her people, and feared because she is powerful beyond the capability of most. A common tale of such power relates the story of when the Purple crossed the border of Tiefanue, into the lands of a particular Baron. The clan does not recognize boarders, and so many kingdoms dislike them for their ignorance towards local authority. The Baron called upon all of his knights to leave his keep in order to evict them. The Mother cursed every single one of the knights to transform into crystal for 100 years, and when the crystal broke, the released knights emerged as undead. This is just one example of her power.

Under the Mother is a small circle of 3 to 5 women who serve the Mother similar to the way an apprentice would serve her master. One of these women will replace the Mother when the end of her life comes.

Ajaunti history dictates the curse of their people originated among the Purple Clan. It is rumoured that an Ajaunti man named Salam was the leader of the Black Tower in the Conclave. Once he became the Master of the Conclave, his ambitions did not stop, as he had plans to get rid of the great Nabokov and take his place as the God of Magic. Salam endeavoured to make an alliance with the Purple Clan to help him with this task, and they accepted unbeknown to the betrayal he planned once he succeeded. He meant to kill them all. In order to prevent complete genocide, the clan cursed themselves a strange protective curse focused on magic. It is because of this, the Ajaunti feel immense pain if they attempt to use magic, and look down upon those of their people who attempt to wield it as long as the curse remains. “To learn ze vay of ze vone who betray… is to spit on ze ground ve walk on.” The Purple clan will never bow down to Salam, who was once considered family.

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