The Order of the Golden Fleece

The Order of the Golden Fleece is a light based religious fighting order dedicated to Roland.

Although dates are not clear the Order was formed in Raab between 600 and 800 years ago. It was originally formed by the four sons of Leopold the Founder for the purpose of avenging his death by torture by a group of Raze followers. The organization was blessed by their mother, Maria Theresia and the names of the four sons were Leopold II, Ernst, Conrad and Henry. As the four young men spent their lives in this quest for justice they attracted many of the best young men in Raab and the surrounding areas to their cause and the Order grew in size quite quickly. While none of the four founders survived to have children, many of the children of their twelve sisters rose to prominence in the Order keeping Leopold’s blood line intact. The Order grew rapidly into a religious fighting order with fighting men at its core, but employing many auxiliaries of different vocations. The Order accepted any who followed the light but only those who had dedicated their lives to Roland were allowed to join the governing counsel. Few details are known about this governing counsel except that it was made up multiples of four individuals as a tribute to the four founders. The Order established chapter houses throughout the countries of Berphaunt and Tiefanue and there were rumoured to be Chapterhouses in Duvain as the order had many Dwarven members. The Order accepted brothers of all races but it was restricted to male members. The Order had strict rules and they were enforced by internal physical discipline and expulsion. The Order’s guiding principles are thought to be discipline, justice, righting wrongs and protecting the weak. They are known to study several secret fighting and theological texts but little are known about them. The Order did not get involved in politics and only participated in wars that advanced the cause of light. In the last hundred years or so the Order has slowly faded from view and most of the chapter houses have been abandoned. The last known member of the governing counsel and Grand Marshall of the Order died in 2226. There have been rumours of groups of mounted knights fighting against Clan Sprawn under the colours of the Order but these are unconfirmed.

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