The Order of Maria Theresia

The Order of Maria Theresia is a religious order, dedicated to the gods of light limited to female members. The records are unclear but the order was founded somewhere between the years of 1400-1600 in the town of Raab. It was named after Maria Theresia, a famous noblewoman who lost all of her sons in their quest for justice against Raze followers. The Order at one time had a number of Chapter Houses, particularly in Tiefanue and Berphaunt and was well thought of by both nobles and commoners for their work in founding and operating schools, hospitals, orphanages and convents. The Order preached the virtues of sacrifice, tolerance, discipline, peacefully leading people to the light and promoting the strength and dignity of women. It was open to women of all vocations and maintained a small fighting arm as well. For a number of generations a member of the Order could almost always been found in any royal court in a country that respected the light, or remained neutral. The organization was governed by ten women appointed as “Full Sisters”, although the details of the governing group are not know, and many strange rumours abound about them. Over the past three or so generations the Order seems to have shrunken or even ceased to exist at all. The reasons for this are not clear.

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