The Noble Hierarchy Of Suvant

Unlike the other races and peoples, the Deminis'Thalan use a very loose system of government. The Kingdom of Suvant is ruled by the High Council, and the Grey Elven King. The Council of Twelve is populated by members of the Noble Houses. Not every Noble House holds a council seat, in fact only a few hold several seats. How the Council members are chosen has never been made public knowledge, and is not known outside of Suvant.

Suvant’s Nobility is atypical compared to the other realms. They have very few actual titles, outside of military ranks. Most Elven villages are governed by councils or in a few cases a single elder(Magistrate or Patrician). The heads of the Noble Houses are referred to by their own people as Lords. Despite there being no actual titles, the people of Suvant appear to be very conscience of rank and social standing. There are several major Noble Houses and various minor Noble Houses. Traditionally, status within a Noble House is defined by achievement, service, merit and birth. It is not unusual for the Noble Houses to adopt promising young elves into their ranks.

A great emphasis is put upon Artisans and exceptional craftsmen. It is not unknown for a truly skilled singer, painter, sculptor or other sort of Artisan to enjoy almost Noble Status within Suvant. The Elven people place a great emphasis on art and culture. The very best Artisans are almost always commissioned in service of the Noble Houses, appearing only to the public during the Festivals.

Suvant’s Hierachy of Standing

The Council of Twelve
House Elders
The Noble Families/Commanders of the Military
Master Artisan or Master Merchant
The Lesser Noble Families/Officers of the Military
Merchant/Soldiers of the Military
Free Man

Other Titles and Honorariums

Outside of this loose structure, there exist several titles and honorariums. These titles appear to hold great weight and social status amongst the Elven People of Suvant.

Lore Keepers
Blade Singers
Priests of Llyandra
Military titles

Lore Keepers
The members of House Sha’relas are accorded a great deal of respect and the title “Lore Keeper”. It is considered a great dishonor and a high crime to interfere with a Lore Keeper. The House of Sha’relas has remained neutral in every single struggle or conflict within Suvant. They are sworn to chronicle and document the history of their people. Lore Keeper is a title of great honor, and great respect amongst the Elves of Suvant. House Sha’relas is accorded a similar respect in most kingdoms, they are known for being impartial across the continent.

Blade Singers
The Title of Blade Singer is heard on very rare occasions within Suvant. It refers to a very honored and celebrate Elven warrior, who has achieved a standing of great respect. Blade Singers are in most cases sworn defenders of the Kingdom, and usually only members of the Noble Houses. They are rumored to be able to combine magic and swordsmanship with great skill.

Priests of Llyandra
The Priesthood of Llyandra are accorded great standing within the Elven people. While Suvant allows a Church of Light, there can be no doubt that the Church of Llyandra is the official religion of Suvant. The Church has a great deal of power and influence spread throughout all of Suvant. The Priests of Llyandra are consequently treated with reverence and respect. This is not to say the Elven people are fanatical. It is very common for elves to worship several other Gods. In fact the Church of Llyandra encourages her children to do so. Religion does not play a large role in the social structure of Suvant, but it is still accorded a place and standing.

The title Elder is granted to the oldest and wisest of the Elves. A great deal of respect is accorded to the extremely old and accomplished. Elders serve as advisors to Nobles, Village Councils, and Military Commanders.

Military Titles
Military titles are accorded different social standings. Common soldiers are treated with more respect than peasants, Officers are treated as minor Nobles and the Generals are treated with standing similar to the Noble Families themselves. Though not overly large, The Military of Suvant is extremely well trained and well equipped and appears to be large enough to protect Suvant and Her interests. The Military of Suvant grew significantly when the Army of Day'ten was incorporated into Suvant instead of disbanded.

~For more information on the Social Structure of Suvant, it is recommend you speak directly to a member of House Sha’Relas.

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