The New Hope Clinic

New Hope Clinic

Established in Late October 2252 by a pair of siblings, Chandra and Terith Venscythe. It is currently infamous for it's free medical care, and has earned Docrtor Terith Venscythe the nickname "Terith the Blessed."

Having heard about the call to arms from the Lord Marston van Kierkenwald, Duke of Estlemere, The siblings arrived from Tiefanue in Early October 2252, seeking to advance their skills in Kalidor.

They arrived with very little coin, rugged and with even fewer provisions to be able to provide extended services such as surgery. It was a tragedy, Chandra had concluded, that her brother could not provide the care he had doggedly spent years learning due to their insufficient funds. On the feast night, It was a boastful Einhar with a fat coinpurse who fell prey to Chandra's luck in a game of dice. The Einhar, after losing more than half his sum, Furiously refused to play any more, enabling the Clinic with more than enough gold coin to begin their business.

The clinic has quickly become renowned for providing free and high quality medical service to those in need. This brought with it challenges, as crowds and mobs of people have arrived in such high number, security is still an on-going issue. There has been one murder and one large theft, resolving the Doctor to seek new ways to secure the Clinic's precious supplies.

a small tent to begin with, Doctor Terith Venscythe has found himself with apprentices and it continues to grow in number. Thus far there is Swiet Dibbs, a former assassin, Caellas Dwin'Anea, a Wild elf with origins in hunting, Madam Zelinka, an ajaunti, Sadaar the Savaar, and Chandra Venscythe the Templar-in-training.

The Clinic consists of a Tent, a recently donated carriage and a travel wagon, and various supplies. It is easily dismountable, apt to the description of a field-clinic. It provides room for 6 to 8 men, 10 on a busy day, and has since been found with living additions for the apprentices and assistants, whom have thrown their tents and lean-to's on the sides of the clinic wherever it is established. The clinic is unified under one banner, a symbol of a shield with a red cross under one black arrow to represent Terith's skill as a ranger, and one red arrow to represent Chandra's skill as a piker. The clinic is known to worship the deity Cassandra and hosts a mantle with a robin and incense left to burn in offer of peace.

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