The Grim

Gather around ye children for I have a tale to tell…

It is said that in the deepest darkest bowels of the last level of hell, sits a demonic force of unimaginable power. A creature comprised of darkness, brimstone and deadly smoke. It calls itself The Grim and it wishes nothing more than the complete and utter destruction of your very spirit. Nothing can stop this savage beast; it fears no weapon or magic. It’s body, while physical, regenerates at an astounding rate and even if one were to destroy it would simple disappear into smoke only to reform a short while later. The only thing that sends this demon back to the abyss is satiating its lust and consumption of the spirit. It kills and devours until it has gorged itself and is full. It is known as The Grim

You ask yourself now, what can we do? How do we stop this beast? Is there no recourse? Well know ye this; your best defense against The Grim is to keep it from appearing. The demon is waiting in his hellish prison and for all its power, it is unable to leave, bound there until it is called by the fools and infernalists in our world. Those that absent-mindedly speak in the infernal tongue that give the demon power. The more infernal words that are spoken, the more his power grows. As such, the prison walls weaken until finally, after enough fools have spoken their infernal mouthwords, the walls will break. The Grim is free for 1 full sun to satisfy his appetite for life. His strength, power, and souls he must consume are directly related to the amount of infernal speak heard in any given region in the prior year. Worse still the demon targets those with the most life-force. Those seasoned adventurers who have toiled long and hard to achieve their level in life. Because of this fact, the onus is on them to teach the younglings the important of their words. They must implore them not to speak in the infernal tongue and if they do not listen, then to punish them. For their own lives are at risk if they do not.

History has told us that those that intentionally speak the infernal in order to summon The Grim find themselves immediately the target of his destructive power. Such intentional infernalism does not add to the demons power but instead causes him to immediately manifest and potentially destroy the offending target. It then returns to its hellish abode.

Mark my words; The Grim is not to be trifled with. The matter must be taken seriously by both law and citizens for if enough infernal speak is heard by the darkness he will be set free. May the gods have mercy on your spirits then.

Be wary of black swirling smoke and the smell of Brimstone. It is your only warning. Should your town be blanketed in such smoke then you must be on your guard. At such time it is too late for repentance. The demon has been freed and will feed sometime over the next few days. In his true form he is a dark hellish hound surrounded by swirling black smoke with glowing red eyes. It's veins run with silver and glow under the moonlight. If your town is foolish enough and he is given enough power, he will travel in a pack. Best ye run.

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