The Citadel

The Citadel

Primary location: Kingdom of Tiefanue
Purpose: A witch-hunter's Guild with both political support and a surprising amount of freedom of action. Although based in the west they operate worldwide, including within the boundaries of other kingdoms.


Ranks of the Citadel

Recruit - He was not yet subjected to full rigours of military discipline until he passed and was registered as a real soldier
Private - He was on basic pay and eligible for fatigue duties.
Trainee - Private in training for special function, basic pay and eligible to fatigue duties.
Vacant - Specialist with basic pay and immunity from certain fatigue duties

At this stage the Citadel branches into the different orders. Most of these are minor like The Burning, they tend to be formed as Tribunal Generals are granted their rank. It would be at that point they may choose a number of troops and form their own order. The orders still answer to the highest ranks within The Citadel and they must keep their ranks familiar to the traditional ranks as listed below. Some may Add a Prefix for each rank, but the rank is the same when placed along side one of equal rank without the Prefix. (Ex: Spear Captain = Captain = Griffon Captain). The Exception to this are those with the Witch Hunter title, whom are above all those without the Witch Hunter Designation.

Villicant - Lowest Actual Citadel rank. Used as forward scouts or those whom go first into a community and discover if rumours of threat are real or not. This rank receives basic pay, and is moved around often. Those who fail in this rank are often found dead, which in a way is a success in finding the roots of darkness in a community for The Citadel as a whole.

Corporal - Lowest rank of the martial body that would march into an area. This rank receives basic pay and uniform/heraldry as does every rank which follows. Often responsible for carrying out the fatigue duties while in the field without any of the lesser ranks. Assigned to the evening watch and all those of this rank must take one shift of evening watch.

High Corporal - Commands the troops when performing fatigue duties. Keeps track of the physical state of all those below this rank and reports any change in status to the High Captain/Captain.

Sergeant - This rank receives above basic pay. One Sargent must be assigned to each evening watch. Each Sergeant leads 4 or more Corporals.

Captain - This rank receives medium pay. Each Captain commands a squad comprised of at least one Sergeant and 4 or more corporals.

High Captain - This rank receives medium pay. This rank organizes the evening watch. Keeps track of the physical state of all those below this rank and reports any change in status to the High Warden.

Accuser - This rank receives a high pay. This rank is responsible for all evidence gathered against suspected transgressors. They present the evidence to the Warden as discovered and when sorted. They may be given command if there are no Wardens available.

Warden - Passes judgement upon a place or persons accused of transgression. Keeps track of the physical and mental state of those below this rank and reports any changes is status to the General.

High Warden - Does not travel with any military bodies unless the General and Marshal are present. Collects the evidence gathered by Warden's and the verdicts rendered.

Marshal - Highest rank before being given your own chapter within the order. Speaks to the troops and carries out the orders given from on high.

Tribunal General - Leads a Chapter within the order. Replaces the rank of Marshal. Is afforded their own heraldry which must incorporate the Citadel's main heraldry. It is extremely rare and nearly unheard of for someone to ever gain this rank. Normally this honour is given only to Witch Hunter Tribunal Generals.

Witch Hunter (Rank) - Supersedes all those who do not have the Witch Hunter Rank. These are the Elite troops of The Citadel. Rumoured to posses abilities beyond those of a Witch hunter.

Witch Hunter General - Highest active duty rank. Oversees all operations of The Citadel and reports to the Grand master Witch Hunter.

Grand Master Witch Hunter - No longer in the field, this rank advises the State and Church. A generally unknown and unspoken of Rank within the world.

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