The Army Of The Black Wyrm

The Army of the Black Wyrm is the military of the Black Dragon, Styphon. Made up of both living and undead, it follows standard military structure. The Officers of this army are typically referred to as "Knights of the Wyrm", most of which are Dragon Knights.

A known Knight of the Wyrm is Silth, who has been in contact with Jericho's council a few times. It is rumoured that Silth is currently within Leighton.

The Army of the Black Wyrm controls an area known as "The Black Crescent", formally held territory of Tiefanue. (See map below). Ruling over the Black Crescent is a man named Commander Xavier Leiche.

The outlaw named Braze was formally a member of the Army of the Black Wyrm. He was stripped of his rank (lieutenant) in the army when he went rogue.

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