Terith Venscythe

Terith Venscythe

Terith The Blessed

Head physician of The New Hope Clinic and elder sibling to Chandra Venscythe.



Since a young age, Terith had been under the tutelage of his father, the head physician and founder of "Bones and Splints Clinic", to follow in his father's footsteps. Without hesitation, Terith began his life-long training. Having held his first successful surgery at age 16, it was apparent he was a prodigy in the healing arts. By age 19, Terith was announced by his father to be a full-fledged Doctor, and decided to work alongside his father.

Both he and his sibling Chandra remained happy at the Bones and Splints Clinic, until the call came from the east from the duke of Estlemere to reclaim the lost lands of Kalidor. His father insisted both Terith and sunny leave on the expedition, to gather more experience and go farther in the healing arts than any Venscythe ever had. And so, with few provisions, they left to heed the call. Terith is 25 now, and unmarried. Perhaps his father also hoped for the hard-working son to find a wife, or so his sister surmises.

Upon arrival, the situation was dire at best. There were little supplies and they had little money. and so, after an evening of discussion with his sister, they established their own clinic, naming it "The New Hope Clinic", a run-off of their father's clinic . From there, Terith has remained busy and is indeed progressing his skills as his father wished. He also recieved the nickname (not without resistance from him) "Blessed Hands" Terith by the common folk in Mirhaven.

Recently, Terith was cursed by a magical blade that made him a Druidic Champion, and had a very negative side effect; he became nauseous around any and all elves; it did not help that two of his closest companions, Caellas and his siter Chandra, were such. Combatting this effect much like he would in the middle of a gorey surgery, he was then afflicted when an incessant voice in his head that ranted and raved every time an elf spoke. His fear grew worse as he was told the original wielder was known for eating elven eyes, and wished begone of the weapon that had attached itself to him.When a boy, injured though adorned with druidic tattoos was dying, terith touched the blade to the boy's flesh and although momentarily possessed, was purged of the curse. A reborn dislike for all items magical (particularly Kaldorian) was the only consequence this-seeming from the event.

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