Swiet Dibbs
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Swiet Dibbs

Olde Dibbie

Protector of The New Hope Clinic and Battle-Brother to Tamar, Squired to Bishop Harridon of Estlemere.



Swiet grew up in the slums of Wyndholme a low down sewer rat, one of the many abandoned children lost in the dark parts of the Capital of Kalidor. He learned to fight hard and with earnest to stay alive, occasionally dreaming of something grander, even of another life.

One of his bolder attempts to steal food indirectly led to his capture and Indentured servitude to a member of the Securities Guild of Kalidor, or as more commonly known to others the Assassin's Guild. Swiet took to the harsh and brutal trainer, content for now to have a nearly full belly, and the beginning of a purpose in his so far unremarkable life.

One day though his Mentor and Master gave him a test, to murder in cold blood a young woman as his proof that he was ready for the next level. Something in Swiet snapped, details are hazy but according to witnesses a Blood Soaked Swiet Dibbs fled the scene leaving a trail of bodies of both his Master and that of the Young girl. He fled the city in haste and soon found himself drawn to the Town of Mirhaven, responding to some unspoken voice inside his head that perhaps here was where his destiny lay. Thus here he stopped running.

His "Crimes" caught up with him though, wanted posters appeared in the region, and even rumours of Bounty Hunters began to sweep the area looking for the young man. Oddly though, Swiet found what for the first time could be called "Family here", forming a kinship to many who had answered Duke Marston's call to join the 2nd Crusade of Estlemere. This would include members of the faction the New Hope Clinic. Swiet quickly proved his honor and gained respect and reknown in the crusade by performing Heroic Deeds and Sacrifice. He came to the notice of the local nobility, and he agreed to stand trial before the Crown Magistrate sent to bring him to Justice for the Murders he had committed.

As it came to light in the trial, Swiet Dibbs was Acquitted of the Murder of the young girl, found to be acting in Self Defense in the Murder of his former Master, and found himself paying a very stiff fine to the Dockyard guild of Wyndholme for the Horse he had left there for six months.

Now exonerated, and under newly sworn oath as well, Swiet has joined the 2nd Estlemere Crusade and has performed with conviction for his friends, his new liege, and that of his new found family. His closeness to the Orc Templer Tamar has been noted, both calling each other "Brother" despite it being clear the extreme unlikeliness of this. And while recovering from injuries in Mirhaven from a Bounty Hunter attack that left him clinging to life, witnesses attest to a Strange White Elven Cat keeping guard over him for days.

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