The Kingdom of Suvant

*Racial Breakdown*: ?
*Population*: ?
*Major Industries*: None
*Military*: ?
*Government*: Council
*Current Ruler*: King Baraquiel Hopebringer of House Tse Tannonoth


Suvant was a small and quiet nation to the south-east of the Kingdom of Tiefanue. Although tiny, it had the greatest population of High Elves on the continent, and remaining High Elves call Suvant "The Homeland". For this reason alone, Suvant was considered by many to be a major power in the known world. It is said that the only reason it existed formally as a nation was to deal with the other nations. Suvant was allied with Felnir.

Although small, Suvant was respected by many. It was neither expansionist nor economically greedy. Its army was sufficient to protect its borders. Suvant's Guilds of Magic were thought to have been some of the most advanced in the known world, and the pursuit of knowledge was held in almost religious zeal.

Shortly after the disappearance of the Grey Elves, the city of Suvant disappeared as well. Not even the structures remain. The lands are overgrown as nature takes over. No one knows why the High Elves left, or where they went.

With the disappearance, all High Elves elsewhere on the continent felt a weakening in their connection to the forest, resulting in an overall weakening of their spirit. Surviving High Elves formed a new home on the island of Day'ten.

Suvant is ruled by the Council of Suvant.

Houses of Suvant

House Shalonost
House Sumendar
House Tar-Esiir
House Valisilwen
House Tanna
House Sidhion
House Eledhwen
House Tel'Montain
House Sha’relas


In late 2250, Suvant made its presence known once again. It is a floating city, held aloft by great magic.

In 2251, Suvant annexed Jericho, after having allied with that town and with the Conclave to erect the Curtain. As of mid-2251, the city is floating in the air above Day'ten.

The current council is made up of

  1. Councilman Jjik'da Shalonost
  2. Councilman Victor Shalonost
  3. Councilwoman Ulya Sumendar
  4. Councilman Jatar Sumendar
  5. Councilman Malim Valisilwen
  6. Councilman Randae Valisilwen
  7. Councilwoman Cypharia Tanna
  8. Councilman Reann Tanna
  9. Councilwoman Kelestria Shalonost
  10. Councilman Kirin Valisilwen
  11. Councilwoman Mikelia Tanna
  12. Councilman Kydak Tar-Esiir


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