Territory: Tiefanue, Teris, Felnir
Colour: Black
Symbol or Flag: A black flag with dragon's skull
Style of Rulership: Military Kingdom
Demeanor: Aggressive, Cunning, Leadership
Views Toward Mortals: They are tools to be used to forward Styphon's goals.
Preferred Magic: Necromancy, Blood
Relationship with nearby kingdoms: To say that Tiefanue is concerned about Styphon would be an understatement, they see him as (potentially) the largest threat in their Kingdom's history, yet they hesitate to act, for Styphon has only just awoken. They would prefer a nonviolent co-existence, but doubt the possibility of that happening. A war between Styphon and his army and Tiefanue could very well drag in the involvement of some Gods of Light. Teris, on the other hand, is simply terrified of Styphon and speak his name in whispers. Felnir hold a certain respect for his predator-like mindset, but due to their recent catastrophe involving necromancy, that respect has turned to horror.

Styphon has recently awoken from a sleep which began before the formation of the Kingdom of Tiefanue. He was horrified to discover such a faith-based kingdom in his lands and has been working extra hard to cleanse the vermin from his territory. He rules a "Kingdom" of sorts in which greater undead hold as many positions of power as mortals. He does not discriminate based on race, he sees all mortals on equal level, minus the Grey Elves whom he respects. It is rumoured that Styphon possesses one of the Orbs of Power: "Thade", which allows him to summon armies of undead.

Styphon takes part in many of the biggest battles and will personally destroy religious sites, like cathedrals and monasteries. By no means does he just sit in his lair. This fact earns him respect by his army.

Styphon commands The Army of the Black Wyrm.

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