Silverbreach is a small elven town controlled by Suvant. It’s population is less than 100 and most of those numbers are members of the Suvant military. Surrounded by a tall wooden wall, Silverbreach is much more typical of Suvantian culture than its sister-town, Jericho. This is due to it being founded by Suvant itself as a means to protect the Beacon there and keep an eye on the bay to the west.

The town is run by a Captain from the Day’ten military named Melbrik Turin, a high elf and archer of some renown. He has a reputation for being a compassionate and easy to get along with leader, perhaps because of his modest background and lack of noble blood. Most of the men under his command serve as pikemen and longbowmen, there are no heavy infantry in Silverbreach.

Places of note are the barracks, the Green Falcon inn, an unnamed general and dry-goods store, Samuel’s Furs (buckskin, fur and leather goods), The Iron Pot blacksmith and a small shrine to Dunarthos.

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