Territory: Berphaunt, parts of Gerdain and the Dark Isle
Colour: Shadow
Symbol or Flag: A silhouette of a winged dragon with blue eyes
Style of Rulership: She accepts the service of a small cult-like following
Demeanor: Arrogant, calculating, intelligent
Views Toward Mortals: Enjoys using and manipulating them
Preferred Magic: Dabbles in all non-divine, but master of none. She has recently taken an interest in alchemy as well. Love, enthralment, domination and forget elixirs add interesting elements to her games.
Relationship with nearby kingdoms: Shiloth enjoys a long term relationship with Berphaunt, she was close to it's former Empress, Queen Louise, but does not share the same level of contact with Berphaunt's current King Louis, whom she does not trust. She sees herself as above mortal politics and often causes trouble just because she can, a fact not lost on Berphaunt. The dwarves of Gerdain respect her, even more-so among the deep dwarves. She has been known to make deals with the Conclave in the past, but only ones which were greatly weighted in her favour.

Shiloth passes eternity by playing "The Great Game." She has come to see mortals like chess pieces and her lands are a great playing board. Her network is even designed to mock them and her control over them. Those she uses for defence are titled black and those she uses for offence are titled white. The pieces in chess are titles that represent capabilities and specialities within her network. These titles (pawn, rook, knight, bishop, king, queen) are meant to be vague and amorphous so that little can be gained about her true goals. The great game is about give and take. A setback one decade is an opportunity of advancement for another.

The Great Game revolves around an economy of secrets. What a person loves or desires and what they fear are the basic trade of this economy of blackmail. Little else is known, publicly.

Shiloth is a shadow dragon, appearing as a transparent serpentine dragon with large thin wings and blazing blue eyes.

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