Name: Claims no name, but is often called Sebastien or Seb
Race: Emerald (Green) Draconian
Title: The Assistant to the Ward of the Green, founder of The Voices of Nature
Residence: Forests of Jericho

History: Scholar and mage of the nature sphere of magic with a profound fear of Kobolds and an equally profound detestation of necromancy and the gods. Although she answers to Sebastien or to Seb, does not consider herself as having a name. She refers to herself strictly as Assistant to the Ward of the Green, and spent at least a decade confined in Tse Maigrindof.

Until his disappearance, she was frequently seen in the company of Gale. Also spent much time in the company of Winter Frostmoon, Akela, Solomon, and Adin'ilee Freduis.

After all of Jericho became undead on Hallowe'en of 2250, she became mentally ill.

In early 2251, she was charged and flogged for attempting to burn down the Church of Light in Jericho. She vanished from Jericho shortly afterwards, returning near the end of the year in a state of confusion.

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