Ravin is a town within Tiefanue, population 1000. (90% human). An agricultural community, Ravin is located in the middle of the kingdom.

Ravin became infamous during April of 2251 during the war between Tiefanue and The Army of the Black Wyrm. For reasons unknown to outsides, an Arch Angel of Roland named Palix swore that he would defend the town to his death. The Army of the Black Wyrm unsuccessfully attempted to siege the town and eventually bypassed it, causing it to be surrounded on all sides and cut off from the outside world.

As of August of the same year, both Palix and Ravin remain. It is rumoured that Palix refused to leave his post and assist the Angelic Army in it's war with the Conclave during this time.

In February 2253, the angel Palix continued his defense of Ravin. Legions of undead were created and the town was sieged all year. Many major assaults failed. Near All Hallows during a night-time raid, a foot-soldier/grunt by the name of "Riktor" somehow managed to catch the Angel off guard and destroyed it. He appeared to be as shocked as everyone else, and was quickly escorted back to Styphon's lair. He has become a hero within the Army of the Black Wyrm and both a symbol and rallying cry. Ravin fell the next morning.

As of March, 2253, Ravin has been wiped clean off the map. Only a single support beam from the destroyed inn remains.

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