Quel Fara


Quel Fara was formed from a small group of Nightrunners who separated from their tribe to roam as a separate entity. They formed their pack heavily upon their relationship with their wolf companions (the draug). They were found in the area of Sindar until they were completely wiped out by undead. The alpha male of the pack, at that time, was Thal’on. The numbers of his pack had dwindled to 25. Shortly after their tragic demise a curtain was erected around the cursed forest.

Tribal Hierarchy

The wild elves of the Quel Fara have structured themselves in a male dominated society. The leader of the pack is not determined by blood, influence, or wealth, but by strength. They believe that the position of alpha male is one that occurs naturally. This hierarchy is mirrored in the wolves they cohabit with. The elderly are respected for their knowledge and life experiences, but are for the most part deemed unfit to lead the pack. The alpha realizes his own aging, and loss of strength, and for the best intentions of the pack he will step down from his duty. The position of alpha is not usually contested. The primary motive for the Quel Fara is survival; the alpha male must provide adequate food, shelter and protection for the pack. The alpha male must preserve and continue the bloodline.

The females of the pack hunt alongside the males and wolves, and despite the male dominance – they are not considered inferior to males. The male and female elves together prepare the meals, cure the hides, and make tools and weapons. When children are created the father remains considerably close to them, but the mother is responsible for child rearing. The Quel Fara take pride in their women bearing strong blooded children who will grow to be good hunters. Pack members are urged to have children, and it is considered extremely unusual for an elf to not bear offspring in their lifetime.

Religion and Worship

Gaia, the Earth Mother and life source is the ultimate ruler of the elves in the Quel Fara. They respect the awesome and sublime powers of nature, as it humbles even the most powerful in the pack. It is nature which brings them life, and sustains them. It is nature that undoes the life it gives, and so goes the circle of natural order.

The younger members of the Quel Fara know little of gods or dragons. The elder elves have a wider knowledge of such things, but only trust the young with mere snippets of myth and information. They believe that the key element of the pack`s safety is in its isolation from the world around it – especially the civilized world. This way the pack
shall remain pure, for worship is considered a manly trait (in the human sense of the term).

Besides nature, the only other people to gain the pack’s reverence are the mysterious Grey Elves. The elders teach the young to think of the Grey Elves as synonymous with creators, or fathers, of their kind.


The process of tattooing acts as a rite of passage into adulthood. The ritual takes place when a Quel Faran child is passing into adulthood, around the ages of 25-35. If a male child is unable to bear the pain of his tattoos then it is assumed that he will fail as a warrior. If a female child is unable to bear the pain of tattooing then she will
fail to undergo the pain of bearing offspring. A child`s first tattoo is usually an homage to their parents. The rest will tell a story which they alone create.


Of the wild elven tribes, the Quel Fara in particular does not see great use for magic, whatever type it may be. The pack prefers the material, that which is visibly given from the earth. They use weapons such as wooden bows or bone daggers and feel that physical warfare is the most noble. The elves that choose to hone their magical ability do
so because they fail to be a proficient warrior or hunter. Magic is bestowed upon these elves from Gaia and is never considered to be inherently theirs; it is only for them to manipulate until they return to Gaia.

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