Peter McNutten

Name: Peter McNutten
Race: Human
Title: Fighter, Healer, smith, and distiller
Residence: Jericho

History: Second in command with Sergeant Syrache's militia, McNutten fought alongside him, Di'ikh Aiah, Vilus Marzipan, and Tet Putaine at Camp X deep in the Sindaran forest. He was seen by the government of Tiefanue as a hero for these travails, and was given public recognition for them by Baron Edward Von Teetterson.

Headed up the search and rescue missions with Syrache and Di'ikh Aiah after the attack by Ishmael on Leighton.

One of the founding settlers of Jericho,he is a current member of the fighters' circle. Since the execution of Syrache and Di'ikh, McNutten often wanders about randomly in a drunken stupor.

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