People Of Jericho

Camps Within Jericho

Town Centre
Firstborn Camp
The Pavilions
Stormbereft Keep
Wild Elf Camp
The House of I
The Ajaunti Caravans

Fort Porter (burned and flooded)
The Bloodstone Outpost (no longer standing)
Antioch Embassy (Disbanded, returned to Antioch)
Palisade (no longer standing)

Tribes, Clans and Other Groups

Wild Elf Tribes: Moon Tribe, Nightrunners
Savar Prides: Sūratā Para Jaati
Other groups: Guardians of Valour, The Voices of Nature, Jericho Kobolds
Farms: Canopy farm, Carly farm, Jacobs farm, Mc'Inery's farm, Smitherson farm, Horton farm, Tathdel Vineyard, Lithelon Apiary, Aeratholdal Gardens, Haevathar Farm

The People of Jericho

Adrial Syte - High Elf

Agni - Einher warrior.

Albert Fawn - Human farmer of corn and wheat.

Athureon Adjudicon - Human warrior

Chalaonar - Drael'Thalan.

Dante - Human carpenter.

Danu Morrigan - Wood Fae Healer.

Dar'mane - Savar.

Dawn Arrowmoon - Wild Elf.

Dormiddon - Human healer, priest of Charon

Durnik - Human fighter.

Grymskald Tyrson - Einher, skald.

Hafskarr - Einher fighter.

Hawk Brightfeather - Wild Elf.

Henrick - Human fighter.

Hunter Cromwell - human fighter

Kizzy - Ajaunti.

Mal'nen - Savar fighter.

Marguerite - Ajaunti.

Memit - High Elf tavern keep.

Nadja - Einher warrior.

Nomad - Wild Elf.

Oscar Oscar - Kobold healer.

Ambassador Ramiressan - Drael'Thalan ambassador of Styphon.

Roland Esclave - Einher fighter.

Sar'ai - Savar Druid.

Siddhartha Akil ibn Wahid - Human Mercenary.

Silth - High Elf knight of the Wyrm.

Solomon Aldritch - Human mage.

Taneris - Human carpenter.

Terelias Midel - Human Warrior/Healer

Valgard - Einher cleric of Tyr.

Velik - Human weaponsmith.

Vella - Ogre hunter/gatherer.

Vivica - Wild Elf druid.

Vortic - High Elf mercenary.

Zek - Human tanner and taxidermist.

Whereabouts Unknown (People who have left Jericho)

Aeost - Drael'Thalan scholar.
A'lhadria Valisilwen - Elven priestess of Llyandra
Allaster Porter - Human tavern keep.
Allyshondra - Drael'Thalan alchemist.
Amara Tamlin - Human priestess of Cassandra
Ambassador Mondain - Human ambassador from the Conclave.
Arden - Human messenger.
Ariz Joron - Human Guildmaster of the Mage's Guild.
Bartholomew Stanson - Human blacksmith.
Baylee Porter - Human warrior; interim pastor of the Church of Light.
Bomb - Orc.
Brian - Human priest.
Brog Hasslinch - Human fighter.
Caleb Porter - Human fighter.
Char - Orc fighter.
Deodatus Shalonost - High Elf mage.
Duncan Donovan - human farmer.
Durin Ironbreaker - Dwarven smith.
Sir Edwin Clarke - Human fighter.
Eleyond Nibenon - High Elf aide to the Suvant high council.
Elly - Human whore.
Gabriele Venturi - Human, former Patrician of Jericho.
Gertrude Donovan - human farmer.
Gifford - Einher druid.
Greybeard - Dwarven smith.
Jun - Human battle medic.
Hadrian - Human warrior
Sir Haylan Falconswift - Human merchant.
Horus - Wild Elf.
Isis - Wild Elf druid and tribe leader.
Lord Jatar Sumendar - High Elf ruler of Jericho, member of Council of Suvant.
Kal - Human medic.
Kashia - Gargylen.
Kyndell Stark - Human.
Liothu'a - Ambassador to Antioch.
Logan Fit'nar - Wood fae, past councilor.
Lucresh - Ajaunti performer.
Lucy Weaver - Einher
Luthien Isilra - High Elf healer.
Lunic Magoreos - merchant.
Malcolm Marnier - Human templar.
Malik Flufinfuuten - Hobling.
Marcus Porter - Human medic.
Ma'har Sabir - Savar Mage.
Marrow - Orc shaman. Exiled.
May - Drael'Thalan.
Moh'ini Panthera Tigris - Tiger Savar.
Munin - Human.
Nakita Pultynovich - Wolven.
Noa Dur - Stone Elf Archmagus.
Nobody - Gargylen druid. On extended mission.
Noemi - Human, Ward of the Green.
Norton Knickerbocker - Hobling trapsmith.
Peter McNutten - Human fighter, distiller.
Raldimar - Wild Elf assistant to Jatar Sumendar.
Rath - Human templar. Missing.
Rayne de l'Ombre - Human.
Rin Falconswift - Human merchant.
Rois Renaud - Gargylen trapsmith. On extended mission.
Romi Belacque - Wolven mage.
Ruby - human.
Sebastien - aka The Assistant. Draconian scholar.
Set - Wild Elf.
Sheamus - Human fighter. Wanted for the murder of Akela.
Solok - Human fighter.
Stephen - Human. Extradited to Suvant for treason.
Synove - Wood Fae druid.
Tap - Human mage.
Tayca MacDuffie - Human healer.
Tear - Orc
Tesla - Human mage. Shop keeper.
Thiris - Drael'Thalan alchemist.
Thomas Daly - Human fighter.
Thro'Ulios - Faun mage; member of the Conclave. Executed for treason.
Timulan - Drael'Thalan alchemist.
Ti'Pan - Savar.
Truffles - Hobling
Ubiquitous aka Ubi - Orc fighter.
Volanna - Blood witch. Presumed dead.
Windsor Daly - Human fighter.
Winston - Human ranger and hunter.
Verdandi - Einher Vitki.
Wolfgar - Einher fighter.
Zayen Goldweaver - Dwarven jeweller.

Clawfeather Tribe
Red Moon Tribe
Bone Tree Tribe
Black Talon Clan
Split Axe Clan


Aara - Gargylen mage
Adin'ilee Freduis - Dark Elf Scholar.
Akela - Savar warrior.
Alicia Canopy - Human child.
Anubis - Wild Elf.
Arthonnen Cilmion - High Elf magistrate in perpetuity.
Brag - Einher fighter.
Celeb Whiteraven - Human cleric, priest.
Di'ikh Aiah - Dark Elf scout.
Francis Liason - High Elf, Acting Magistrate.
Gale - Wild Elf archer.
Gloria - Human warrior.
Jyn Leafwood - Wild Elf fighter.
Kheired-Din Malthus - Human fighter.
Kit'arr - Savar leopard. Presumed dead.
Korvec Rantoth - High elf mage.
M - Wild Elf soldier
Macha - Wood Fae Druid.
Niels Selwyn - Drael'Thalan skinner.
Nighthare - Wild Elf. Presumed dead.
Olaff - Einher fighter.
Rak'sha - Savar healer.
Ringwe - High Elf physician.
Rooster - Drael'Thalan.
Seris Vorr - Human, Skein Dominion Guildmaster.
Sheyrune - Drael'Thalan scholar.
Sigfried Wolfram - Human Templar.
Silas - Human fighter.
Syrache - Human fighter.
Taz Maraud - Wood Fae.
Uriel - Avian tinkerer.
Vanamear Grey - Human mercenary.
Winter Frostmoon - Wild Elf druid.
Whispering Wind - Wild Elf Elder.

Red Falcon - Savar pride

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