The Legend of the Pantherghast

Llyandra's first creation, however, was not even Bahamut and Icarus. Before all was created Pantherghast. It was Ll'yandra's first attempt at the creation of a sentient being. An experiment if you will. Pantherghast was a simple being, base and needy like a child. It bathed in the attention of its creator and was content for a long, long time.

Eventually, once Ll'yandra figured out how to instill a greater sense of consciousness into her creations, she birthed her two sons Bahamut and Icarus. Unlike Pantherghast, these two received a piece of Ll'yandra. They were born of her flesh and her garden where Pantherghast was simply an experiment based in the combination of simple ingredients. After learning of the birth of Ll'yandra's sons Pantherghast became insanely jealous. It was no longer the center of Ll'yandra's attention. Now two others had come to usurp its position. Ll'yandra turned her patient attention back to Pantherghast for a time to pacify him. "Worry not my love," she spoke "you were my first and always will be. Your place in my heart can never be replaced." Like a simple pet Pantherghast was satisfied with this pat on the head and went back to his simple existence. Although in the corner of his greedy base little mind he was always aware of the two brothers and watched them with the taint of malice in his heart.

Eventually Bahamut and Icarus were given the charge of creating the characteristics of the Elves. To put it simply the entire situation was above Panthergast and he gave it no mind. After the demise and expulsion of the two brothers, however, Panthergast was ecstatic. Finally he would receive the full attention of Ll'yandra. He would not have to share it with anyone. It was then that he discovered the Elves and, considering the loss her first two children, how much they meant to Ll'yandra. She delivered onto the Elves her full attention, leaving Panthergast a lonely afterthought. Panthergast was infuriated and far more jealous than could ever be imagined. For the first time he left the garden in search of these things that had caught his mother's attention so. It wanted to smash and crush their frail little bodies. Panthergast wanted to tear at their beings and rip them to shreds. When he found them he did just that. He bathed in the blood and souls of the Elves and gluttonously consumed their bodies. Ll'yandra's screams were heard throughout the universe. With unreserved anger she unleashed her power and struck out at Panthergast , banishing the foul being to the most horrible corner of hell that she could find. "Stay there you foul little beast," she railed "and never again bother my children. I should have seen to you a long time ago." Panthergast cowered and hid in his corner of hell alone and stewing in hatred.

Eventually he began to master himself and his surroundings. The other denizens of the horrible place that Panthergast now did reside came to recognize its power. They began to pay homage to It, naming It Duke of Mizzer'baugh and placing upon Panthergast full honours associated with that title. They did as It commanded and, from time to time were even able to sneak him a tasty morsel of Elven meat.

Icarus had been carefully watching the development of Panthergast for some time. He came once, to visit the foul being and, to falsely, pay it homage. This pleased Panthergast greatly to see his first usurper bow down to him. Icarus made Panthergast and offer: "Once a year, almighty Panthergast , masterful Duke of Mizzer'baugh, I have discovered that I can release you from here for one night, and allow you to wreak havoc among the hated Elves. Once a year you may venture forth and fill your insatiable appetite on Elven blood and souls. Once a year you may have your vengeance." Panthergast was ecstatic and demanded to be given his gift at once. Icarus was only too happy to oblige him.

To prevent this Ll'yandra could do nothing. Icarus had found a way to break the sentence of Panthergast for one night out of the year and all the Mother of Elves could do is try to prepare her children for the coming of the vile beast. Unto the female side of the Elves she delivered the gift of destruction in regards to Panthergast . It was the Elven women that would be the greatest weapon against the now Duke of Hell. She showed them how to banish and hurt the Daemon with their minds and prayed that it would be enough.

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