The Palisade was an early encampment in Jericho, before the events of June, 2251, which altered the landscape of the town. When Jericho was first being settled in 2250, the Palisade was considered the barracks, and home of the local militia and guardsmen. Later on, it became home to the town's Orc population and to the followers of the Dragons. Over time, it fell into disuse. However, when Memit's Pale Horse Tavern moved there in May of 2251, many local businesses, and a number of residents followed, and the Palisade underwent a brief renaissance.

This renaissance proved to be short-lived, however. In June, 2251, Jericho was completely reshaped by the actions that led to the apparent death of the Blood Wytch Volanna. All structures in Jericho were destroyed by the ensuing events, including the Palisade. With Memit and several other business owners missing in the aftermath, the Palisade was not rebuilt.

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