Orbs Of Power

There are 14 Orbs of Power known to currently exist. Legend has it that anyone who is able to use an Orb of Power may meld with a ley-line, thereby gaining god-like abilities and insight. Doing so requires great skill, knowledge and power, for ley-line energies are uncontrollable wild magic in its truest form. It is said that the Orbs have been in existence since time began, that they were not created but rather came into being when the source of magic was formed. Of the hundreds which once existed, only 14 of these are known to skill exist. They are jealously guarded by their owners, and though people have speculated as to who has any of them, no one knows for sure, as their owners never speak of it. The destruction of an Orb is said to be surprisingly easy, and many have been destroyed in the past, though doing so brings great destruction and havoc to the planes, shifting the flow and weave of the lay-lines. The result is quite simply unpredictable, though it should suffice to say that entire civilizations have been annihilated by the shattering of what appears to be nothing more then a small crystal ball.

The 14 which are rumoured to exist are all different in temperament and mastery, and vary in intelligence from simple to genius, though all are said to be intelligent to some degree. The following list of Orbs, their temperaments, natures and intelligence level are all based on rumour, legend and speculation, though great care has been taken in ensuring that this information is as accurate as possible, as least according to the legends and beliefs that exist.

Name Colour Nature Temperament Intelligence Suspected Owner
Apus Blue Charming Good/Pacifist Very Gaia
Grehl Green Divine Good/Noble Average Kael
Vahn White Disease Indifferent Very Unknown
Phell Yellow Mentalism Good Genius/Psionic Unknown
Shimm Red Elemental Indifferent Stupid Baagh
Bish Brown Summoning Good/Bitter Very Unknown
Thade Black Necromancy Cruel Average Styphon
Blut Red/Black Blood Evil/Calm Genius Unknown
Jule Clear/Blue Scrying Indifferent Simple Dark Fae Lord
Toc Black/Blue Blood/Faerie Evil/Cruel Genius Unknown
Blite Clear/Red Gate Malicious Very Shiva
Phit Clear/White Elemental Indifferent Genius Unknown
Seth Clear/Green Elemental Sociable Very Unknown
Tryst Clear/Yellow Healing Good Average Unknown
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