The Isle of Nitrem

*Racial Breakdown*: 100% Shadow Elf
*Population*: Unknown
*Major Industries*: Alchemy, Agriculture, Crafts
*Military*: Unknown
*Government*: Democracy and a Council of 25
*Current Ruler*: Council of 25
*Capital*: Toran
*Major Cities*: Unknown


The Isle of Nitrem, secluded in the northwest, is the home of the Shadow Elves. The Isle has two dormant volcanoes on the northern most ridge of the island. These volcanoes, smoldering for years but now covered in snow and ice, are believed to be the cause of the constant cloud covering the Isle, as well as for the gray-black mist that lies low in the lands closer to the volcanoes. The area within the mist is considered Holy Land and is known, simply, as "the Mist." The moon, which is worshiped by the shadow elves, is seen only on occasion.


The government of The Isle of Nitrem is made up of a council. This council has 25 members. High Priests of the Mother Moon make up the greatest number of the council at 10, warriors have 5 representatives, sorcerers have 5 as well. The remaining five votes are split between the farmers and the craftsmen. 3 to the craftsman, and 2 to the farmers. The council is located in the capital city of Toran. The council votes upon important matters, and decisions are known to be made swiftly. There is little history of conflict between council members. When a member dies, the highest few ranking society members who did what the dead member did are put up for election (priest dies, then priests are put up for election etc.). Each town sends a representative (usually a Priest of the Mother Moon) to Toran with their vote and majority wins. The outcome is rarely questioned.

Cultural Notes

Shadow Elves avoid the rays of the sun, and though they do not live underground, they have many large buildings, which are designed in order to let no light enter them. The sun is considered an evil power that represents pain and destruction to the Shadow Elves and they avoid its light as much as possible. They refer to people who walk during the day, and sleep at night as "Sun Dwellers" and they are mostly not trusted.

Just south of the volcanoes, within The Mist, are large deposits of obsidian, a black, volcanic glass that holds great religious importance to the Shadow Elves. This deposit is one of the few known in the world. Also found within The Mist is the "night lizard." Large, black, and deadly, this creature is believed to be a flightless, and slightly smaller, cousin to the dragon. The night lizard's hide is extremely tough. This lizard has never been sighted during the day.


Trade with Nitrem is fairly rare, but those who venture there do so in search of alchemical elixirs, unmatched anywhere save by the Drael'Thalan of Antioch.

Farmers cultivate such night-time crops and livestock as fungus and amphibians. Over the centuries, the Shadow Elves have developed extremely potent naturally-occurring hallucinogens, including mushrooms and toads. The secrets to their cultivation are a closely-held secret, but for the right price, extracts from these crops may be had.

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