Known Names

Nileistomus, Kaiser of the Abyss, That Which Lurks Beyond, The Sleeping Horror

Commonly Assumed Form(s)

The only credited form Nileistomus is believed to have taken is that of a horrific leviathan so monstrous and terrifying that to gaze upon its countless limbs and writhing tentacles is to become intimately familiar with madness.


Nileistomus's motivation seems to be beyond the conceivable understanding of mortals. It seems uninterested in the affairs of any known being. It has been suggested that Nileistomus is a being so foreign and alien to this world that even demons and deities fear to speculate on its motivations.


Nileistomus is known to have power over nearly every form of magic and has been shown to be capable of bending and warping time itself. Those scholars foolish enough to have had even the slightest of dealings with Nileistomus have been known to disappear, some to the extent that everything that they had ever made, written or owned has disappeared with them. In some cases even the memory of these people is all but erased from existence. Often appearing in the dreams of those whose minds linger too long on the fringe of sanity, Nileistomus sends prophetic visions of its apocalyptic return to this world from what madmen consistently describe as 'the great void beyond thought'.

Presumed Weaknesses

To date, Nileistomus seems to have been unable or uninterested in any direct action or interaction with this world.

Preferred Sacrifices

Those who have received visions or dreams related to Nileistomus have been known to create images and statues of the horror that is the Kaiser of the Abyss. Many of these horrifying idols have driven those who look upon them to faint, vomit, and in some instances to succumb to total madness. Whether these grotesque works of art are sacrifices or not remains to be seen.

Presumed Summoning Aids

There are no known instances of any attempt by any means to actually summon Nileistomus. There is however a theory that reality as we know it only exists in so far as that which we can currently perceive, and all that does not fall into the collective knowledge of the known world is the entity known as Nileistomus. There is rumoured to have been a Conclave mage who specialized in Gate magic who subscribed to this theory. He is supposed to have had a disturbing dream. Days later, he tried to gate himself into 'the great void beyond thought'. He has since been lost to the known world, though there are some Apprentices who insist that they know spells that do not conform to normal magical theory. They claim they learned these from this mysterious and forgotten master of the Red Tower. These claims are dismissed by all Conclave officals.

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