Mea Visa

Mea Visa is a walled town, holding about 200 soldiers and twice as many citizens. It is located along the main west/east road which eventually connects Tiefanue with Berphaunt. The flags of Berphaunt fly over the town. It is very clean, so much so that visitors often state that this is the model version of a town that Berphaunt would like the world to see, and vastly different from the decadence that occurs far to the east.

The wall itself is made of wood, the town being far from anywhere to collect stone, and there is a main tower gate at the north end along the road. The walls are over 20 feet high and are patrolled. All traffic into Mea Visa is thoroughly searched, everyone not recognized is questioned and the gates are sealed at midnight until dawn. There are two other smaller entrances on the west and south side, but these are always sealed tight and heavily guarded.

Inside the streets are paved with stone and streetlamps are lit after dusk. There is no sheriff's department, the military performs all such duties from their large barracks.

The commander of this military force is also the ruler of Mea Visa, Captain Aberdaal of the Berphaunt military. He has a reputation for being the young noble he is - enterprising, ambitious and willing to work with people. With that said he is still a noble of Berphaunt, serving out his military requirement in a remote border town.

The laws of the town are not publicly posted. If asked, an official will state that they are a duplicate of Berphaunt laws, but history seems to contradict this statement.

Places of interest:

Conclave Guild - There is a 4 story tower in the centre of town that houses the local Mage’s Guild. It’s Guildmaster is a dark elven Black Robe with a reputation for being less than personable. They work closely with Captain Aberdaal. Guildmaster Izkec. His apprentice is Halete (female, human). With the dismantling of the Conclave, the tower has undergone a dramatic change. All of it's members besides Halete have been arrested for attempting to assassinate King Louis of Berphaunt. The tower is now sealed, Halete does not leave it. It is rumoured that strange lights and infernal creatures can be seen through the windows at night.

The Market – There is a fresh produce market that is quite popular in the warmer months, but still manages to do some selling in winter. It is also known to be a good place to buy rumours.

The Sword and Buckler Inn – Medium quality, large inn with bar and private rooms. It is the most popular inn for those travelling along the main roads. It is owned and run by a human named Kestor, who is friendly but has a short temper for troublemakers.

Carpenter’s Shop – A large shop for a town this size, perhaps it is because of the untouched trees of the Grey Elven forest on all sides. They can produce pretty much anything made of wood here and seem to flaunt this fact by placing a small ship on the roof of their store.

The Golden Pawn – A pawn shop rumoured to be a front for a thieves’ guild. They will buy just about anything.

Pestle – An alchemy store, owned by a older human woman who is very restrictive in who she sells to.

The Pleasure Palace – A large 2 story “house of ill repute”. High prices, free drinks. Drunks and troublemakers are politely escorted out. Owned and operated by an exotic wild elven woman named “Nira”.

Papenheimer Delivery – A letter and small package delivery / courier service. Run by two hobbling brothers.

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