Maud'madir is a medium to large continent in the northern hemisphere of the world. Based on its size and location, it is most likely not the only one, but the other continents are undiscovered.. at least as far as most of its inhabitants know.

All known kingdoms are located in Maud'madir. Its landmass includes Tiefanue to the west, Berphaunt to the east, The Grey Elven forests to the south and the arctic wastes of Mjoll and Jormunger to the north.

Maud'madir is the home to four major island chains and at least two major mountain ranges.

Temperature is arctic to the north and temperate to the south. There are no tropical zones, although the kingdom of Duvain and the faerie isles get close. Hurricanes pester the southeastern shores in the summer months and "killer winters" extend as far south as Felnir at times.

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