Name: Marrow
Race: Orc
Title: Shaman of the Black Talon Clan, lawyer, author

History: Shaman of the Black Talon Clan, outspoken follower of the god Roland and rampant breeder, lived in the Palisade. Companion to Greybeard and sister to Ubiquitous, was exiled from Jericho for the death of Romi Belacque (killed by her twin children Bomb and Tear) and for the murder of one of her own children. Was imprisoned, but exonerated, for her role in the death of Silas. She is a veteran of the Battle of Tse Maigrindof, and is the slayer of Trollblood.

She is the author of several books, used to demonstrate the superiority of Orcs over the other races or to teach the arts of war and procreation:

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