Madam Zalinka Biljova

Zalinka Biljova

Madam Zalinka

Nurse at the The New Hope Clinic and Companion to Ignacy, adviser of Duke Marston of Estlemere.



Zalinka is the 2nd daughter of the Ciocărlia Clan, living outside of the city of Wyndholme in the Kingdom of Kalidor. As with all women of her family she has evidently been blessed with the gift of Visions and Predictions of possible futures.

Growing up her ability to anticipate the needs of others; from people to animals; became a great boon with her clan. And she was being groomed to follow in the footsteps of her eldest sister Svetlana to become a Great Seer of the Clan just as her mother was.

Once the one the Ajaunti called "The True Traveler" showed up though, everything changed.

Following a reading of the Cards by her Mother it became clear that her destiny was to follow the True Traveler to wherever he may go, and so after a few months they answered the call of Duke Marston to assemble the 2nd Crusade of Estlemere in Mirhaven.

Since then she has proven of great use into solving mysterious and gaining unique insights into some of the problems that have faced the crusaders. Reports abound that she made use of her powers to solve a deep mystery at a Murder trial, and she has later shown immense wisdom in how to deal with wildlife rivaling even the Woad elves. Recently it has been noted that Ferrets have begun to follow her around, and seem to follow her commands and wishes. Recent encounters have proven these gifts to be of great use for the Crusaders, and talk around the camp is that the Bishop and the Duke both make wise use of her council.

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