Leighton Attacked

In late 2250, the following information comes to Jericho from refugees from Leighton. It trickles in over night. Most of the peasants head to The Pale Horse Tavern and Inn and rent rooms. Some of them go to the church of light and ask for shelter from the cold. Any PC who wishes to give shelter is welcome to do so. They openly discuss the following:

At dusk on November 10th the Tiefanue city of Leighton was attacked by a military force flying the colours of Styphon the Black. The forces were led by Baron Edward Von Teetterson, who holds the title of Baron of Tiefanue. These forces currently hold the town. Only military structures were attacked, although non-military citizens who assisted in it's defences were attacked as well. Some of these refugees arrive via the resurrection circle, although not many. The defenders of Leighton were either killed or driven off. Currently the flag of Styphon flies over Leighton and Baron Teetterson leads them. It appears the goal was to capture the town and not raze it. No one can explain the Baron's motives.

The refugees, especially the soldiers who were defending Leighton, expect a response to this attack from Castle Pembroke, a huge Castle and military base of Tiefanue. Castle Pembroke sits on the old Tiefanue border to the southwest of Leighton and is the largest military establishment in the eastern half of Tiefanue. (Note: The push east by Tiefanue to extend their borders in the past 20 years has not given them much time to build up large defensive structures such as castles. Much of their eastern lands is comprised of small forts and keeps. Pembroke is now in the middle of Tiefanue, although realistically it sits on the old eastern border of controlled Tiefanue land.)

The only official response from Tiefanue at this early stage is to strip Teetterson's title of Baron until they can determine his mental status and to place a 1,000 gold bounty on his capture for interrogation.

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