*Population*: Currently unknown
*Major Industries*:
*Current Ruler*: Baron Edward Von Teetterson of Tiefanue

Sparsely-populated outpost town on the northwest tip of Tiefanue. This was the gathering point for the push into the Grey Elven lands, and the source of the seed population of Jericho.

On November 10, Leighton was assaulted and sacked by army led by the Baron, under the colours of Styphon.

Tiefanue stripped the title of Baron from Von Teetterson, and placed a 1,000 gold reward for his arrest as a traitor. In the spring of 2251, the news of a horrible atrocity committed in Leighton reached the outside world: Leighton's citizens were reported to have been rounded up, flayed alive, slain, and raised as undead.

Von Teetterson continues to hold Leighton, and has fortified it. It continues to fly the flag of Styphon.

As of the new year, the Baron has lost control of the town to his son. The baron remains under a type of house arrest and it is understood that although he is not locked inside, if he leaves he will be slain. Leighton itself used to be controlled by the Army of the Black Wyrm but now there are almost no mortal soldiers remaining at all, the population is 95% undead. Even the soldiers in the army view Leighton as a place to be avoided.

In 2254 Leighton was razed by a group of angelic forces attempting to find Riktor. They were unsuccessful.

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