Kydak Tar Esiir

The oldest member of the Council of Suvant, Kydak Tar Esiir is commonly viewed as a relic from an era of Suvant now long past. A master magi, he has resisted the Conclave's influence within Suvant and does not trust them. Kydak welcomes the King of the Grey Elves to Suvant's Council and has acted as his unofficial advisor many times. Kydak and Mikelia Tanna do not get along at all, he is condescending to her and believes she is a young upstart who is trying to push him out of Suvant's government in order to take his place.

Kydak has had many wives over his long life, from a wide variety of races. His last wife died over 20 years ago.

Kydak sports a long white beard and appears very much the stereotypical wizard, a part he plays with intent, although very much tongue-in-cheek.

He is an expert in Suvant history and lore and is an Elder of House Tar-Esiir.

Kydak died in 2254, after being turned into a Lich on All Hallow's while serving as Jericho's Lord Councilor. It was his final death.

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