Kelestria Shalonost

Kelestria Shalonost is the youngest of the three Elders in House Shalonost, and sits on the Council of Suvant. It is said that she was an orphan adopted by the house. Possessing striking blue eyes and raven black hair, she is the embodiment of "dark druid" in both appearance and personality. Believing that all living creatures have an equal right to exist, and that a crime against nature is a crime against life itself, her rage against logging companies and mining operations have required Suvant to manoeuvre politically on more than one occasion. Kelestria offers no warning or apology for her actions. Kelestria has a personal guard she refers to as her "Maidens", all female druids of like-minded beliefs.

In the year 2254, Kelestria was sent to Jericho to rule as it's Lady Councilor.

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