Jjik Da Shalonost

Name: Jjik'da Shalonost
Race: High Elf
Title: Elder of the Council of Suvant, member of House Shalonost

History: Jjik'da is a high elf and Elder of the Council Of Suvant and member of House Shalonost. He is a known Bladesinger. At one time he was Suvant's ambassador to Sindar and owned a manor house south of it, but it was abandoned after the Ridge explosion.

For a brief period of time Jjik'da founded and ran a Church of Darkness within Sindar. He claimed he did not serve any Dark God and simply felt a balance was needed for the well-established Church of Light in town. During this time he referred to himself as "Executor". In explaining his reasons for the creation of this church, he said:

"The purpose of the Dark Church is not to simply counter every action and decision of the Light Church — by "balance" I refer to the fact that a substantial proportion of Sindar's citizens do not have an officially recognized Church for their worship. What was unacceptable was that a certain group of Gods were recognized officially, but another was not. Thus I gave the existing church the option to dismantle, or accept the arrival of those who worship differently then they. The choice was theirs to make, and they did.

Although our doors shall be open to all, we shall not harbour fugitives. If the aforementioned desire entrance into the Church we shall cross that bridge when we come to it. They are welcome to worship within the Church, however the church will not protect them nor speak for their actions."

This church was eventually shut down with the notice : "Out of respect for the Green I am closing this church."

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