Name: Isis of the Clawfeather Tribe of Wild Elves
Race: Wild Elves
Title: Leader of the Jericho contingent of the Clawfeather Tribe, Druid, and member of The Voices of Nature
Residence: Wild Elf Encampment, Jericho

History: Before coming to Jericho Isis lived amongst her Clansfolk, travelling the lands and joining them on Undead killing raids. Sent to the Jericho area to fight against the great forces of Necromancy as foretold by Clan Elders, Isis is the betrothed of Dormiddon.

Since coming to Jericho, Isis has become Friend to the Nightrunners, as well as a Friend of the Fae, and of one of the Lords of the Winter Court, and has begun trials to become honourary member of the Grem.

She has been joined by other members of Clawfeather Tribe; Horus, Set, and Anubis, and they, together with the Moon Tribe have established the Wild Elf Encampment near the outskirts of Jericho.

She is the keeper of a Druidic grove, where she often prays and meditates, and is a devout, if recent worshipper of the Elven Mother Llyandra, Protector of the Balance of Nature, and Hunter of undead.

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