Territory: Lowgarynn
Colour: Grey
Symbol or Flag: none known
Style of Rulership: None – has no interest in ruling
Demeanour: Cunning, Malicious, Instinctive, and Savage
Views towards mortals: They are prey things that dare to build on his land
Preferred magic: None he enjoys shredding foes with teeth of lighting and claws fashioned from the primal forces of nature. He also is able to use elemental and nature magic’s although he uses these mostly to toy with his prey.
Relationship with nearby kingdoms: Currently Ilyxtriak has no relationship with any kingdom as he has not been seen or heard from in over 400 years. He did however at one time take tribute from the Wolvin, Einher, and Wild elf tribes. These tributes were most often in the form of food or blood. Ilyxtriak took great pleasure in battle and tribal warfare and nothing could satiate his instinctive needs more than convincing one tribe to fight another and if a tribe refused he would just destroy it and another tribe would take its place.

Some say that his rage eventually played out and he decided to sleep on the clouds that constantly form over the bay of storms. Another story tells of a violent battle between Ilyxtriak and an alliance of the gods of light lead by Kael that resulted in them binding the dragon within a prison deep below the islands surface.

No matter how the dragon came to disappear not much is written about this savage creature, the only history of Ilyxtriak exists in stories told around cook fires and an ancient cult that is followed mostly by remote tribes that live along the bay of storms. However even if Ilyxtriak is not revered as he once was many tribes still follow the restless spirit of dark forests, the harsh indifference of hostile landscapes, the feral violence of wild animals and the raw fury of the fighting barbarian.

One truth is still well known about this dragon and that is how much he truly despised any sort of lasting construct of civilization.

May the gods of light aid those on Lowgarryn should he ever awake.

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