Upon Icarus was bestowed the charge of developing all the dark aspects of the elven character. He did his job well. Originally Llyandra was pleased with the progress that her son was making, guessing that his task would be accomplished far before that of his brother Bahamut, upon whom was place the charge of developing all the light aspects of elven character.

Icarus worked tirelessly at the task he was given. He wanted to prove to his mother that although the duty he was given was of a nature that was difficult at times to stomach he would persevere and perform much better then his brother. He delved deeper into things unheard of that would make his work perfect. Icarus sought the most vile and frightening aspects of existence and placed them into his mothers creation. Eventually he went too far.

Icarus found the ultimate way to finish his work. Into the elves he tried to instill the innate power to remove not only themselves but anything living from the natural cycle of things. "Not Life" is what he attempted to give them. An extended duration in death that would allow the Elven race to supersede all the other races. He tried to give them the gift of Necromancy.

It was at this time that Ll'yandra noted that her son had progressed too far in his task. She bid him to stop but he would not. "You told me to seek out all that was foul and dark in order to make your creation compete best among the natural creatures of the world. I have done so. I will give them the power the need to outlast and destroy all else." Icarus railed, now consumed by the evil that he had delved into. Again Ll'yandra bade her son to stop and commanded him to obey her wishes. He did not. Now furious and dismayed that his mother would deny him the ultimate completion of his task that he was doing in her name, he sped to complete his additions. Ll'yandra called upon Bahamut to stop his brother before his actions would throw her children, the elves, into ruin. Bahamut went with speed unseen to arrest his brothers actions. They met in mighty conflict. Brother fighting brother. Clawing, biting, lashing at each other, their mighty battle shook the Garden. Ll'yandra could not bear to watch her first children destroy each other. Through Bahamut, she channeled her power to expel Icarus from her garden forever. The battle between Icarus and Bahamut ended with a mighty blast that sent Icarus out of the Garden and sent Bahamut, mortally wounded, to his knees. With his last breath, Bahamut finished the task both he and his brother began and then faded back into the Garden from which he had come.

Icarus was expelled and fled. Mortally wounded, though not as badly as his brother, he crawled into the darkest spot he could find and nursed himself and his bitterness to full health. He vowed to never see his efforts go to waste and to turn the elves into what they should be, not as his ungracious mother wanted them to be. They would be his, and from his mother Icarus vowed to rend her last joy.

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