How Shaman Make Them Who Want Ear Go Away

One time there many goblin and kobold and meatsack who wear red mark on face over eye. Them come round a lot for them want get ear of them who not have red mark. These were good time. This time for get many not nice fight. Sometime them with mark come and fight long and hard, and shaman get blood on rock and blood on fist of fury. But sometime shaman not want make fight. Sometime shaman more want food than fight. When this happen, it more easy for make them with red mark go away than for stay and fight.

One day shaman kill many with red mark. Them have many ear in pocket, in bag, and on side of head, so shaman take ear from them bag and pocket. Shaman cut off ear from them head. Maybe good for make into jurly. Maybe good for tribute. Maybe good for snack.

Shaman live in camp with meatsack, Dark Elf, and Dwarf. Them not bad at not nice fight. Dwarf and meatsack good at make food. Food smell good. Belly of shaman growl like bear. Belly of Dwarf, of Dark Elf, and meatsack growl like dog thing. So when shaman see bunch of goblin and meatsack with red mark walk on path, them in camp moan and cry. Them annoy. Them want eat, not fight. So them start put on armour. Them pick up sword.

Shaman say, not worry. Eat snack. Shaman make them with red mark go away.

Camp mate not believe, but shaman more smart than them. Shaman go inside tent and find red stuff. Shaman make red mark on top of eye. And then shaman go meet them other with red mark.

Them come to camp. Them see red mark over eye of shaman, and them stop. Them wave around sword and axe. Shaman go up and say, "What you want?"

And them say, "Want ear!"

Shaman reach into pouch and give them ear that shaman find. "Here ear," shaman say.

Them look confuse. Them take ear and scratch head. "Want more ear," them say.

Shaman laugh. "You follow shaman, and shaman take you to more ear."

So while camp mate watch all surprise, shaman take them with red mark to town where there many meatsack with ear still on head. Then shaman go back home and finish eat snack. And that how shaman make them who want ear go away without fight.

(by Shaman Marrow)

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