How Shaman Get Magic and Snack

Long time ago, when father of mother still not dead, him tell mother story of smart shaman. Shaman go for hunt for find bear and find big meatsack instead. Shaman not mind. Sometime meatsack more better than bear, so reach out with big club to make hit on head of meatsack.

But meatsack jump away. Him not want go inside belly of shaman. And him try make trade for not kill. Him say if shaman not kill then him do magic work for shaman. But shaman know better. Him know meatsack more dumb than meatsack think. So him know meatsack maybe easy for trick. Maybe meatsack have strong magic, and make trade for something else. Then maybe Shaman get magic and get nice snack.

So shaman not hit meatsack. Him say, “What magic you have, stupid meatsack?” Meatsack scare. Him back up. Go away from shaman. But shaman know meatsack not get far. Him know there big hole in ground more back from meatsack. And Shaman make step closer to scared meatsack.

Shaman say, “Tell shaman what magic you have. Show shaman, and if like thing you do, shaman not fill belly with meatsack.”

So meatsack stop for little bit. Him stand still and shake like leaf in big wind. Then him say him make potion for healing meat.

Shaman know this good magic. Shaman not know how heal meat with magic. So him tell meatsack him like, but need see.

Meatsack more scare. Him shake more, but then him say magic word thing and make potion. “Do again,” say Shaman, and meatsack do again. Him make more. Shaman keep tell meatsack make more, and meatsack keep make more, for him scare. Then meatsack run out of mana for magic. Him not make more potion.

Shaman make big smile then, for him win. Shaman take potion for heal meat from meatsack, then push meatsack down hole. Meatsack fall long way, and shaman pick up potion thing and put in bag for heal later. Then shaman climb down long ladder, climb down big hole. Meatsack still there. Him dead.

So shaman take knife and cut off small part of meatsack. Him try taste. Meatsack taste good. But shaman remember promise and not fill belly. Him just make small snack.

And that story of how shaman get nice snack and potion for heal meat all same time.

(by Shaman Marrow)

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