How Orc Become Mighty General

One time there Orc who go for long walk. Him walk and walk and walk until him come to strange land where there many meatsack. Meatsack look at him, and poke at him with pokey stick, but him not scare. Him Orc.

Them meatsack never see Orc before. Them not know what is Orc. So when them see him not scare, them back up and send for king of meatsack.

King of meatsack come look at Orc. Him look hard. Him see Orc very big. Him see Orc very strong. And him see Orc wear skin of many animal, like boar and bear and lion. And king impress. Him say to Orc, "You look like strong fighter. Mighty warrior."

And Orc say, "That because me strong fighter. Me mighty warrior. Me general."

Other meatsack hear this, and them laugh. Them think that because Orc not use big word, him not good at do thing general do. But Orc look at them with angry eye. Him look at them and snarl with him big tooth, and them step back.

King smile. Him say, "If you good general, you make anyone listen. You make anyone fight. Even little child."

And Orc nod, for him know him good at such thing.

King say, "Me want see how good you are at be general. If you good like you say, me make you general of army."

And all meatsack start laugh, for they think this good joke.

But Orc not laugh. Him look at king of meatsack, and him smile a mean smile. "You make oath this be so?" him ask.

"That right," say king of meatsack. "If you make small child all listen, you become general of all army."

"Me ask question first," say Orc. "Do child know what mean left? Do them know what mean right? Do them know what mean front? And do them know what mean back?"

"That right," say king of meatsack. "Them know what all these thing mean."

Then Orc smile more big, and nod. "Me accept, then," him say. "Bring child here."

And so king of meatsack call all leader of him land, and tell them bring them child to battlefield. And all them meatsack bring child. Orc look at child, and him pick child of mayor and child of judge. Then him break up rest of child in two group, and make one child in charge of one group, and other child in charge of other group.

Him make all child stand in group, then him stand in front of both group. "Turn left!" him say.

But child not turn left. All child do is laugh and be silly.

"Turn right!" him say.

But child not turn right. All child do is laugh again.

"Step forward!" him say.

But them not move. Them just laugh.

So Orc take out axe, and him chop off head of them child who lead group.

Meatsack scream. Meatsack cry. But king of meatsack not let them do anything. Him hold up hand. Him want see what Orc do next.

Orc pick two new child for leader of group. Then him say "Turn left!"

This time, all child turn left at same time. No child laugh. No child make sound.

Orc say, "Turn right!"

And all child turn right without make sound.

"Step forward!"

And all child step forward.

For rest of day, all child do everything Orc say. All child do everything Orc say right away without wait or without laugh. Them move like them army that train all time.

King of meatsack look at Orc and him smile. Him see what strong general be Orc. And so him make Orc general of all army of meatsack.

(by Shaman Marrow)

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