House Tel Montain

The House of Tel'Montain

House Tel'Montain, lead by Patriarch Adrien Tel'montain, is first and foremost a military house, but seems to have business in all major industries of Suvant. They are modestly young, being formed after the sundering of the elves. They have never sat on the Council Of Suvant, as doing so would require a drastic demilitarization of their forces, as no council family may maintain a standing force as large as theirs. The mercenaries of this house are considered by some to be the highest quality in all of Suvant, with their knights being beyond compare. They share strong diplomatic ties with House Shalonost and House Sha'relas, and have not publicly voiced an opinion on matters regarding the High Grey King.


The House of Tel'montain was founded in the year 517, During the tailing end of the first generation of fractured elven race. It's birth came about when Enterprising Scion of House Shalonost, Baron Jacques-Pierre Shalonost, wishing to maintain economic and diplomatic ties to the Ice elves, offered his third daughter, The lady Genevieve Shalonost for Marriage to an elderly Ice Elven Noble, Duke Damio-Fabrili Olivero-Nunez.

Damio was a widower in his mid 450's with no living scions, the marriage was arranged under the pretext that they would adopt a legitimate heir under the Ice elven tradition, as to not dilute their respective bloodlines. However this plan failed as Damio died during a severe heart attack during the consummation. Genevieve Shalonost was now left with considerable inheritance, however, it was further agreed between the two houses that she would not retain any of her late-husbands lands and holdings, as a high elf in a position of actual authority in Jormunger would be an insult to both houses.

Genevieve, with her new title of duchess, found herself in an awkward position. Made very wealthy by the death of Duke Damio, and of low blood in a high house, was unable to find a suitable new husband. She was no longer of House Shalonost, and she was not allowed to maintain her new marriage name of Olivero-Nunez. She then, using her new funds, established a new noble house under the Name Tel'montain, the old elven word for "North wind".

The creation of this house made it possible for her to marry her 4th cousin, the Count Antoine Shalonost de-la-noir-forest in 527, With him assuming her name and title, as she was of higher rank.

His estates consisted of mostly forestry, but also a small foundry, using her funds, the Duchess purchased a 1000 year monopoly on steel for the city of Suvant from the high council, and was able to transform the foundry into a strong industry.

In 1527, their monopoly on steel manufacture had expired, and at this point, the house patriarch, Jean de-blache-niege Tel'montain had anticipated that their monopoly would not be renewed. As such, he used the Houses Knowledge of steel works, and excessive holdings of the frontier regions to establish a Martial tradition, and subsequently bought 1000 officer commissions from the ruling council of Suvant, and proceeded to adopt or arrange marriages from the various warrior houses, including many of the more 'troubled' members of the high houses who had militaristic tendencies. Shalonost participated in this exchange quite readily, as it saw it as a means to rid the house of any it felt could not maintain the poise required of its members, and at the same time, to gain insight into this interesting political move.

With the newly acquired warriors in the family, house Tel'montain proceeded to use the commissions to ordain 1000 knights, with more than half being of direct Shalonost decent. These warriors retained the emotional detachment and poise of Shalonost scions, but were now trained extensively for war. The standing army amassed under this house was larger than any of the ruling council were allowed to maintain, and armed with weapons forged in a tradition of steel 1000 years old, house Tel'montain had transformed itself from a house dedicated to resource management and procurement to one of the most actively martial houses in the City.

Scions were then sent to learn combat styles among the Dwarves, the Baron Lords of Man, the female members sent to train with Dark elves, and a select few trained with the Ice elves. It was hoped that by amassing a wealth of martial traditions, the elven house could create its own style of war, drawn from its own traditions, but enhanced with the practices and philosophies of the other races. The training these Scions received in the care of the other races was codified, ritualized, and practised to perfection.

In 1826 after nigh 300 years of work, the codex's were completed, and the rituals of training assembled. The books were presented to House Sha-Relas for documentation and safekeeping.

The result of the training, was a Knight with all the social mannerisms required of a high Elven house, but with all the skills of a deadly warrior. The house restricted breeding among its members for the next 500 years, ensuring that the number of knights the family commissioned remained at a constant 527, a reminder of the founding of their house. Since that day, the family has procured many monopolies and other business ventures, but the core of its focus will always be on the quality of warriors it generates. And because of this, many of its business ventures go undisturbed due to fear of retaliation.

~~ an excerpt from “The Houses of Suvant”, penned by the Lore Keepers of House Sha’relas

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