House Tar Esiir

House Tar-esiir is the eldest of the Houses of the Council Of Suvant, led by Kydak Tar-esiir. Once the dominant power on the council, the House is dying. Where once it was considered Suvant’s version of the Conclave, the place where elves flocked to learn the ways of arcane magics, Elves of younger years see Tar-esiir as painfully old fashioned and behind the times in means of magical study, led by a crotchety and doddering crazy old mage. Though his House dies slowly, his main focus and loyalty is to Suvant.

House Tar Esiir's symbol is a candle and book together.

~~ an excerpt from “The Houses of Suvant”, penned by the Lore Keepers of House Sha’relas

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