House Tanna

The History of House Tanna

House Tanna's history began more than 500 years ago. A very long time to many of the short lived races, but brief by Elven standards. It starts with a young elf by the name of Meltheldnon Dathen.

Meltheldonon Dathen was a sailor and fisherman, as was his father before him. Sailing and fishing were in his blood and the sea was his love. He was still a young elf when he left with his crew to check on his fishing nets one fateful morning. He was greeted that day with a terrible storm which raged and threatened to rip his ship apart. Eventually the brutal wind and rain let up and allowed him to return to land. He arrived at port; his ship battered and bruised, with not only his catch but also his future wife, Cypharia Tanna. Meltheldonon claims she was found unconscious on a piece of floating driftwood after her ship was destroyed by the vicious storm. Some rumors say Meltheldonon fell overboard during the storm and she rose from the sea itself to save him. Whatever the true story might be, they fell in love and married that same year.

Over the next 50 years their business thrived and they built quite a large holding for themselves. They soon established House D'Tanna and began to expand down the coastline. With locations in almost every town, and a major warehouse in Suvant, they established themselves as a leader of their trade.

House D'Tanna didn't begin as a noble house. It was not until they played a role in repelling the attack of mysterious raiders some decades later. In lending their fleet of ships to the Noble council of Suvant they gained favour and acclaim and were awarded with title and land by the Council.

On those lands, along the coast of Suvant, they built Stormwatch Castle. A large castle set a half mile out into the frigid cold ocean. They employed Dwarven stonemasons from Gerdain to build enchanted stone bridges and platforms around the castle. The stonemasons created beautiful structures which were also impervious to the wear of the brutal and harsh ocean water. From around the castle, the town of Stormwatch grew and flourished.

Stormwatch Castle sat high above the town, and with watchful eyes was able to protect Suvant from any sea based attack as well as protecting the channel between Suvant and the Grey Elven forest.

House D'Tanna prospered and grew for the next 100 years. Their loyalty to Suvant was finally noticed and they were approached by House Shalonost. They were offered a seat as a member of the Noble Council. Much to the surprise of everyone, including this wife Cypharia, Lord Meltheldonon declined. To this day his reasons are known only to him.

Two years later, House D'Tanna was shaken by a terrible accident. Lord Meltheldonon fell to his death while walking with his aged mother along the icy ramparts of his castle. He was survived by his son Reann and by his wife Cypharia, who took lead of the House and returned it back to her maiden name, House Tanna. Two years later, House Tanna officially joined the Suvantian council, under the sponsorship of House Shalonost.

Shortly after the fulmination, House Tanna closed it borders.. The bridges to Castle Stormwatch were removed and it is said the castle itself sunk into the sea. Lady Cypharia and her family took refuge in the Suvant before it phased out. After the war, once Suvant returned to these lands, The Lady Cypharia and her house left the now floating Citadel and returned to their family home, Castle Stormwatch. They reestablished the magical stone bridges that connected them to the mainland and re-opened their doors to those wishing trade.

Since the establishment of the Curtain, House Tanna has returned to its traditional role as Elven protector of the Sea. Now, they continue to watch the borders of the cursed grey Elven forest and the horde of undead under the prisoner, Inviticus, with a vigilant eye.


House Tanna is the youngest of the Houses on the Council of Suvant and since their acceptance they have made no attempt to hide their lust for power. Aligning with House Shalonost from the beginning has allowed them privileges that other Houses can only dream of. Cypharia Tanna is a cunning and intelligent woman who will do anything to fulfill her own needs, the needs of her house, or the greater needs of Suvant. Her biological son, Reann Tanna, is very much his mothers' child. Many say he is selfish and cruel and he has, on more than one occasion, shown such cruelty to those in his employ. In matters of the Council, House Tanna will usually follow House Shalonost's lead, often voting against the High King and his wishes. When not in Suvant, most of its members can be found in their stronghold, Castle Stormwatch.

~~ an excerpt from “The Houses of Suvant”, penned by the Lore Keepers of House Sha’relas

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