House Dith Nordin

House Dith’nordin is the only house to have been spared the horrors of House Mesa. In 2151, House Dith’nordin moved its holdings and resources to a fortified compound two weeks travel outside of Antioch. Only those born of a matron know why. House Dith’nordin committed their two eldest children to fighting House Mesa. The third son was sent away for training. These children have not been seen since.

As long as House Dith’nordin stays within its fortified stronghold, they maintain meager power within Antioch and absolute power over their own House. What many worry and few whisper is that House Dith’nordin will return to Antioch with their own private army and upset the rebuilding that House Da’shere is doing.

Known Members of House Dith'Nordin:

Thiris Stygian Dith’Nordin

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