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Racial Characteristics

A small, peaceful people with furry feet and hands, and bushy eyebrows and sideburns, which are their two distinguishing physical characteristics. In addition to this, they have a predisposition to curiosity and being annoying, tending to gravitate instinctively to shiny and luxurious articles or anything magical or wondrous.

Hoblings are a small race, in both physical size, and population. Although Hoblings may be found all over the world, the main settlement of Hoblings is found just Northeast of Tiefanue, and consists of the city-state of Teris and the surrounding areas.

Hardy like the Mountain Dwarves they're descended from, but dexterous like their Savar friends, Hoblings are quite resilient to poisons of any kind, and generally are adept at small manipulations. They are quite small and meek, and so tend to fight poorly, when they fight at all. Hoblings have a natural ability to avoid harm through what seems like luck.

In general, Hoblings are a peace- and comfort-loving race. Most are horrified by violence and are easily scared off by the slightest danger. However, there are still a great many who find themselves in awe of the world, and these adventurous creatures travel the world over attempting to learn about and experience everything. These mischievous Hoblings enjoy anything that is exciting, despite whatever possible danger there may be. These Hoblings are the ones most often encountered by the other races, since they travel the world overand tend to be very inquisitive and curious, a trait most of the other races find annoying. They also greatly enjoy the company of any people, and love to tell and listen to stories of adventures.

Most Hoblings, however, are not like this at all. Most are well-grounded homebodies, who wish only to live their lives in the comfort, enjoying the company of their friends. These Hoblings tend to not travel much at all, and their main activities are farming and other common labours. Since they tend to live in their homes their entire lives, not many other races see this side of the Hobling race. Most people witness the Hoblings wandering the world, and do not wish to travel to their homeland, thinking the whole race is like their mischievous brethren.


Continued from the history of all races…

"… Next to appear on the surface world were the Dwarves, who refused the Grey Elven offer of sanctuary and tutelage, and they retreated into solitude beneath the mountains to the East. But not all of the dwarves felt as their kin did. Some felt comfortable within the rule of the Grey Elves, and even liked their tutors. These dwarves remained, and slowly became the race now called Hoblings.

These Hoblings were a hardworking, industrious folk like their dwarven ancestors, but enjoyed the surface too much to live deep within the mountains. However, they still maintained housing under the earth, whenever they have a choice. Unlike most dwarves, the Hoblings enjoyed living their lives in comfort whenever possible, and so when the race of Savar appeared, these two races began, and have kept, excellent relations ever since.

It is said that the Savar were a great influence on the Hobling race as is known today. The curiosity and love of adventure was slowly adopted by many of the Hoblings, and it is now common to find Hoblings who simply roam the world to question everything they may find.

The Hoblings did not have much of a relationship with the Avians, the other race to grow under the Grey Elven rule. This is mainly due to the superiority complex of the Avians, which the Hoblings tried, and failed, to overcome. Eventually, the Hoblings simply left the Avians to their own devices and lived happily with their friends, the Savar.

After a time, there came a faction of the Hoblings who wished to move out and establish their own kingdom. These Hoblings wanted to strike out on their own, and live out of the shadow of the Grey Elves. These Hoblings held many heated arguments with their less adventurous brethren for many years. Finally, at one of these meetings between the heads of the factions and their followers, the Grey Elves made an appearance. Both sides immediately fell silent and listened to their rulers. One of the Grey Elves told the congregation that they believed the Hobling race ready to move on from the Grey Elven haven, and live their lives as they wished. The road would be hard for them, they were told, but the Grey Elves would assist them if they were needed. The Grey Elves then presented a parting gift to the Hoblings of a complete history of the Hobling race, as written by a Grey Elven scholar.

All the Hoblings in attendance agreed that they should indeed move on, since the Grey Elves themselves said they were ready. The Grey Elves were thanked, and then the Hoblings feverishly packed themselves and left the Grey Elven haven. The Hoblings set out all together, and after a time they found a land they agreed to stay in, and worked on settling in. They set up a township, elected a mayor, and created a force to protect them from any hostiles. These protective forces were called Sheriffs.

The Hoblings have resided in that land and its surrounding areas ever since. The inner area, being eventually built into a city, was called Teris, after the first Mayor elected by the original inhabitants, Walden Teris.

Racial Maturity

Child 1-20
Teenager 21-30
Young Adult 31-60
Mature 61-80
Middle Age 81-120
Old 120+
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