Sphere of Healing Magic

By achieving great understanding of the workings of the physical body, the Healer is able to mend wounds that would have otherwise proven to be fatal and in the most accomplished cases – restore the dead to the living. Potions are usually cast ahead of time and fed to the recipient the same way an alchemical potion would. These potions last 5 days normally but can be extended by other means, the most common being the Potion of time extension spell which makes the potion now last 1 year.

Spells include the following:

Level Potion Spell
First Circle Potion of Sweetwater Cure Light Wounds
Second Circle Potion of Cure Wounds Cure Disease
Third Circle Potion of Cure Serious Wounds Cure Wounds
Fourth Circle Potion of Time Extension Cure Serious Wounds
Fifth Circle Potion of Cure Critical Wounds Cure Silence
Sixth Circle Potion of Restore Limb Cure Critical Wounds
Seventh Circle Potion of Cure Mortal Wounds Restore Limb
Eighth Circle Potion of Purify Blood Cure Mortal Wounds
Ninth Circle Potion of Dispel Magic Life
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