Hackis Creek

Hackis Creek was a small, independent human village less than a week's travel to the north west of Jericho. It was home to between 100 to 200 humans, almost all were peasants. The city was walled by a wooden palisade, a full archer's gate above the main entry and 20 full time guards. Proud of their independence and self sufficient, Hackis Creek grew from the original series of farms around a town well. "Was", because it no longer exists.

During the summer of 2250, the town was attacked at night. The defenses were breached, the guards on the walls picked off by archers and the main gate was sieged, set on fire then pulled down. Once the defenders were scattered, a group of between 15 and 30 attackers went street to street and house to house, murdering the elderly, women and children. When a small group of peasants barricaded themselves in school house, it was set on fire, burning alive those inside. Then the entire town was burnt to the ground.

Although there were no survivors, (sentries were placed outside of town to ensure any peasant who tried to flee were stuck down) those who have resurrected say the attackers were all dark elves. Highly militarized, well trained and well armed, it is suspected that only Antioch could have mustered the force to do this. They wore no badges or marks of station, and carried no banners or indication of loyalty.

Antioch did not respond to these claims. No explanation for the attack surfaced, nor did anything appear to have been taken from town, negating the suspicion of a typical Antioch raid on the surface for supplies and valuables. Most of the survivors took up temporary residence in Leighton. The Church of Light took donations to assist with the refugees.

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